Skyward* Corp. was founded by Adam Maxwell, Chris Holtorf, and Stephan Pabst, veteran game developers with over 25 years of combined game development experience. Our founders have come together to provide premier design support, content creation, production assistance and audio & music recording and composition to the industry. As budgets reach untenable levels and teams become unmanageably large, we face a choice: We can transition to development models that allow our teams to remain small and keep our budgets down, or we can watch as smaller and more creative teams eat away at our business.

At Skyward*, the philosophy is to embrace the future. More and more, outsourcing the work of game development is becoming the norm, but there is one notable exception: Game design. Beyond writing and level design, your choices for outsourced game design are few and far between. There is, in essence, a void. At Skyward* we aim to be a light in this darkness: Our team provides not just the typical game writing and level design of other outsourcers, but game design services of all types. Be it game writing, content creation or mechanics and systems design, Skyward* provides timely work at top-level execution quality and for a price you can’t beat.

Teams looking for dialog recording, music composition, foley recording or other audio support need look no further than our team here at Skyward* and founder Steve Pabst’s professional studio and decades of audio design experience. We can also supply ‘Game Doctoring’ services (analysis, course correction and project completion assistance) for those with broader needs. We can even use our expertise to help you find the right members for your own design team. Our founders have built the design teams that have shipped some of the world’s best games, making them excellent hiring consultants. We can also tap our network of colleagues to help you find quality contract engineering and art services to bolster your efforts.

Our founders have worked on the following shipping games for companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Eidos, NCSoft, Backbone, The Collective, Trion, NetDevil, Gazillion Entertainment, END Games, IllFonic, Wyrmbyte, War Balloon, and Stealth10:

  • Warcraft (PC/Mac)
  • Warcraft II (PC/Max)
  • Diablo (PC/Mac)
  • Starcraft (PC/Mac)
  • Fear Effect (PSX)
  • Nightcaster (XBox)
  • Nightcaster 2 (XBox)
  • Sea Trader: Rise of Taipan (GBA)
  • Goblin Commander (XBox, PS2, GameCube)
  • Auto Assault (PC MMORPG)
  • Brooktown High (PSP)
  • Rift (PC MMORPG)
  • Fortune Online (Web/Flash MMORPG)
  • Nexuiz (XBox 360, PC)
  • Amudar: Fate of Two Worlds (iOS)
  • Hidden Secrets (Android)
  • Dragons & Titans (PC/Mac/Web)
  • Dragons & Titans : Champions’ Call (Novel)
  • Trend Wars (iOS)
  • Star Command (iOS/Android)
  • Rocket Rangers Preschool (iOS/Android)
  • Armored Warfare (PC)
  • Moving Hazard (PC)
  • World of Tanks (PC)

If you would like to see samples of the fiction we have written for clients and for ourselves, you may find them here.

If you’re ready to explore Skyward*’s services, or if you have questions about how we can work together, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our top-quality design services are just an e-mail away. Inquiries can be sent to: