With a sometimes vague and nebulous set of titles and responsibilities, it can be very easy to hire a designer who was successful in one project only to discover that the designer’s skills don’t directly apply to the effort at hand. Worse, spending enough time with a designer to get a sense of both skillset and personality means you won’t be spending time on your project, or with your team. In our experience, this is typically compounded by time constraints. Beyond your initial ramp up to production, additional hiring waves typically come because a team is undermanned and the release date is looming ever closer. You need to spend the time to make sure you hire the right team member, but it often comes at a point when you have no time to spare in your production.

The founders of Skyward* Corp. have built many design teams over their careers, including the teams that created the recently launched Rift and Fortune Online MMO projects. As Skyward*, we can bring the experience they have cultivated to the aid of your team. Whether you simply want our input as to what sorts of designers might be needed on your project or wish to use our services to evaluate your candidates by researching their histories or putting their skills to the test, Skyward* can help lower the risk of the hiring process.

When evaluating a potential designer, their fit with your team is easily half of their value. We believe a team should focus on finding the designers who fit best, rather than spend days trying to sift through hundreds of potential candidates based on stated skillset. With our experience at team building, mentoring and evaluating designers, we can take your list of valid applicants and narrow it down to the best of the best. We can do this in several ways, from simply using our expertise and extensive network of industry contacts to evaluate CVs up to directly evaluating your clients using the Skyward* design testing process.

Depending on the type of designer you are looking for, we will give each client a set of test questions. Each test is custom made to suit your specific needs and subject to your approval. Each of your candidates’ answers will help to define their suitability for the position and narrow down your list. When the process is complete, we will deliver to you a list of the best potentials in your pool of candidates, leaving you with a much smaller group of candidates to audition with your team.

Put the decades of experience that we’ve amassed to good use – Let Skyward* help to take the pain out of your hiring process.